Testifying in Court

The judge weighs the witness's credibility.

The judge weighs the witness’s credibility.

It can be a scary and intimidating experience to testify in court.  Most people don’t have to testify in court very often.  It is okay to be nervous.  Most people are nervous when they testify.

To some extent, testifying in court is uncomfortable because it is unnatural:  Witnesses can’t just come into the courtroom, talk directly to the judge or jury, and say whatever they want.  Rather, they have to answer questions posed by a lawyer, while the judge and jury listen to the exchange.

If you are being called as a witness it is either because you are a party in the case or one of the attorneys believes you have important information that the judge or jury needs to consider in making a decision.  Whenever I am preparing a witness to testify, I give them the following instructions:

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