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Your Colorado Family Law Attorney

When you work with Attorney Kirk Garner you get a lawyer who knows what he’s doing, having practiced law for 20 years and focusing on family law. While he understands each case is different and unique, he’s able to use existing knowledge from hundreds of previous cases to help you get the results which you desire.

Whether you are in need of drawing up documents like prenuptial and custody agreements or helping split assets in a divorce, Attorney Kirk Garner has you covered. He’s skilled in the art of negotiating and strives to help families settle their issues out of court and as quickly as possible so that the past can be put behind them. He can help renegotiate custody agreements when you want to move or help you get custody of a child who is better off in your care.

In all of his legal cases, Attorney Garner does the hard work, allowing you to focus on moving on to the next chapter of your life. He aims to take the stress and complication out of the legal process, always explaining, in a non-condescending manner, what is going on and what’s next in the process.

Let Attorney Kirk Garner Help You

The legal system is challenging to navigate and do it yourself type legal packages from online law firms rarely work. When you and your loved ones are dealing with family law matters, you need an attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate towards your situation. Attorney Garner has two decades of legal experience and purposefully takes on clients with cases that fall within a few practice areas so that he can focus on being at his best. Contact his office today to set up an initial appointment to sit down and talk about your situation and plan a course of action.