General Civil Litigation

Civil cases are non-criminal legal disputes that cover a wide array of issues. While most disputes can be resolved through negotiation, arbitration or mediation, the possibility exists that the case could go to trial, and a jury would decide the case. Therefore, choosing the right attorney to represent you is a critical factor in obtaining a just outcome. Attorney Kirk Garner has over 19 years of experience handling civil litigation matters, and his actual trial experience is a benefit to his clients in the negotiation phase as well as the trial phase.

While many attorneys practice civil litigation law with the intent to negotiate a settlement, Mr. Garner prepares a case for trial with the intent of securing the best outcome for his clients. He has handled a wide array of civil matters, ranging from construction litigation, real estate litigation, fraud investigations, government regulations and land use, and much more. Regardless of the issues and laws involved, Mr. Garner seeks to present the strongest case possible while keeping costs manageable.

Attorney Kirk Garner will develop your case beginning with answering the initial complaint completely through the entire process that could result in trial. This includes depositions, discovery, possible settlement negotiations, arbitration, mediation and court hearings. If you are being sued, you need a strong defense developed through precise planning and competent execution. If you are the plaintiff seeking damages, you need the skills of an attorney like Mr. Garner to anticipate every possible defense that the other party may present.

The Law Office of Kirk Garner serves the Teller and El Paso counties of Southern Colorado in the following areas:

  • Domestic and family law
  • Adoption
  • Compliance and business ethics
  • Breach of contract
  • Administrative law
  • General civil litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Fraud investigations and litigation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Business litigation

Whether you are being sued or you wish bring suit against another party, Kirk Garner has the knowledge and experience to assist you with fighting back against creditors, tenants, real estate professionals, former employees, vendors, or other parties with issues such as breach of contract, negligence, debts, wrongful termination and more.

The Law Office of Kirk Garner serves the Teller and El Paso counties of Southern Colorado. Call today for a confidential consultation regarding your individual case.