Child Custody

Do You Need A Colorado Child Custody Attorney?

Whether you’re going through the difficult challenge of a separation, have decided to end your marriage or are trying to set up a child custody situation that both you and your former partner can agree on, having a child custody attorney who understands Colorado law is essential. The future of your child is at stake and you need a passionate attorney who will fight for you when needed, and negotiate for the best living situation for all parties if you and the child’s other parent are on good terms. He understands that each family is different, and while he draws knowledge gained from his past cases, he looks at each new case individually.

How Your Colorado Child Custody Lawyer Will Help You

Attorney Kirk Garner works with both mothers and fathers who are seeking to get legal custody of their children. We believe that a child needs the involvement of both parents in their life and will help you determine and get a custody situation that is beneficial to all parties. Personal anecdotes and statistics state that children raised by both parents have better behavior, excel in school and are more socially adapted than peers who are raised by a solo parent. We’ll give you the tools to navigate this new chapter of your life so that your child benefits from both parents’ involvement even when they’re not in the same house.

Unfortunately it’s not always in the child’s best interest to be with both parents. In the event where it’s unsafe for the child to be with their other parent, we help you win custody so that you child grows up in a loving and safe environment where they can thrive.

Work With Attorney Kirk Garner

Attorney Kirk Garner has two decades of legal experience and primarily practices family law which ensures that he is able to give clients the best service possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting the divorce process and want to get the child custody situation worked out as soon as possible, or you are looking at leaving the state for a new job and need your existing custody agreement modified. He’s professional, compassionate and caring when working with you and takes a firm, no-nonsense approach in the courtroom. Attorney Kirk Garner is here to help you and your family have the best life possible. Contact his office today to set up an initial appointment.