Pueblo County Judicial Building

Although my offices are located in El Paso and Teller Counties, I handle cases in other counties, too. Pueblo, Colorado is the county seat of Pueblo County, which is the southern neighbor of El Paso County. Downtown Colorado Springs is only 40 minutes or so north of downtown Pueblo.

Pueblo County Judicial Building

The Pueblo County Judicial Building at the corner of West 10th and North Grand Avenue.

The Pueblo Combined Courts are located downtown in the Pueblo County Judicial Building (pictured), at 320 West 10th Street, at the corner of West 10th Street and North Grand Avenue. With all due respect to the people of Pueblo County, the Judicial Building is a rather depressing structure that resembles a giant Kleenex box. It is definitely a case of function over form. The exterior design would not be all that bad, except that it is impossible not to compare it with the old Pueblo County Courthouse, pictured below, which is one block to the east.

Pueblo County is not as populous as El Paso County, and so the courts are not as busy or congested. There appears to be adequate parking in the vicinity of the courthouse. The entrance of the building is on the north side, where you will encounter court security officers. If you have business in the Judicial Building, make sure you arrive early enough to find a place to park, make it through security, and locate your courtroom or office.

Despite its name, the (old) Pueblo County Courthouse no longer houses district or county courtrooms.

The “old” Pueblo County Courthouse is a magnificent building, constructed between 1908 and 1912. It was actually the third building to house the county courts and government. All of the courtrooms have been relocated down the street to the Judicial Building. This great structure is presently home to the county commissioners, county clerk and recorder, treasurer, and assessor.


It won’t be too long before the Combined Courts of Pueblo County get to move out of the homely Judicial Building: ground was broken for the new Pueblo County Courthouse in February of 2012. The new courts building will be located at West 4th Street and North Elizabeth. A YouTube video chronicling the construction can be found at the following link: Pueblo County Courthouse Construction Update by josseppie.

I am pleased to represent residents of Pueblo County. If you need a lawyer in Pueblo County, give me a call today.