El Paso County Courthouse

The “new” El Paso County Courthouse is located on South Tejon in Colorado Springs.

The El Paso County courthouse is located in downtown Colorado Springs at 270 South Tejon, at the corner of Tejon and Vermijo. The large, modern courthouse is across the street from the iconic former courthouse, which is now home of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.

If you have a case set at the El Paso County Courthouse–or perhaps you are a witness or have jury duty–you should arrive early enough to find a parking space, make your way through building security, and find the location of your courtroom. The main entrance is shown in the photo above and is on the east side of the building facing Tejon Street. There is an entrance on the south side of the building, but it is only for attorneys and court staff who have an identification badge issued by the Fourth Judicial District.

The courthouse has two main wings–the older south wing and the newer west wing. Rooms located in the south wing have room numbers beginning with “S”, and rooms located in the west wing have room numbers beginning with “W.” Division courtroom assignments are listed on signs and monitors in the main lobby. There is an information desk in the lobby of the south wing.

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